The unofficial capital of the Russian Far East and one of Russia’s most important commercial ports and naval bases, Vladivostok (‘Master the East’) is also a thoroughly charming city, with a gorgeous, hilly setting, striking architecture and numerous verdant islands

The mountain tram

The mountain tram in Vladivostok attracts many tourists, including due to the stunning views of the bay and the famous cable-stayed bridge. It is especially colorful here in the evening when the city lights and the illumination


Due to the monsoon climate, summer is hot and humid; and winter is usually dry and cold. The summer season in different parts of Primorye varies due to the large span of the region, and also because of the Sikhote-Alin

Amusement Park “Carousel”
  1. Battery, PKiO “Carousel”

Entrance to the territory is free, and inside there will be entertainment for visitors of all ages. The zone for kids is equipped with slides, labyrinths, swings and other game elements. Park is the

Good Ice Cream Day

For you in the program:

  • wonderful concert program;
  • Amazing shows: Soap bubbles, Cryo shows, etc .;
  • Unusual spectacles: “Mirror People”, “Fixies” and funny animators;
  • Master classes: Robotics, Mosigra, gingerbread painting, ice cream drawings and much more;

Russia is, one of the world’s great cultural destinations. Museums & Art is everywhere in Russia. Here is below some famous museums in Vladivostok.

Military Historical Fortification Museum “Vladivostok Fortress”
  1. Battery, 4a

The street exposition of the Museum of the


Svetlanskaya St., 1

Have a drink and talk! This is the main bar of the city: an intelligent audience and the same bartenders. Musical background – blues and jazz, cocktails – classic and author.

Bar RA

Jubilee Beach




In addition to the following official days, many businesses (but not restaurants, shops and museums) close for a week of bank holidays between 1 January and at least 8 January. Bank holidays are typically declared to merge national holidays

Port Cafe

St. Komsomolskaya, 11

In Port Cafe, the Far Eastern products became the basis of the entire gastronomic concept. Seafood, fish, taiga wild plants are cooked and served in a variety of ways: raw and boiled, grilled to a

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